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Grand Daddy Purp - Snowcap

Grand Daddy Purp - Snowcap cannabis seed
Seeds from Grand Daddy Purp
Snow White (Cat PissJack Herer)Cat Piss
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As the name suggests, it will look like you’ve been growing weed up the side of the tallest mountains when you see the coverage on these beauties.

Snowcap weed seeds create plants that are frosty wherever you look, with an aroma that is likely to knock you off your feet. Snow White coverage crosses with stinky Catpiss for a potent combination of power, smell and flavour that pleases the senses and satisfies the soul. Her citrus and menthol flavours delight the taste buds, while a beautifully full smoke offers the perfect cerebral and uplifting effect.

Grow Snowcap cannabis seeds for a weed that offers total relief from depression and stress, leaving behind a feeling of positive creativity that is almost giggly in the aftereffect. She’s clean and fresh, just like the air around the mountains and is perfect when you need that extra push to get out and meet friends.

But beware, she can make you hungry so a few extra snacks are a definite must. 

Indoor Grow?Yes
Outdoor Grow?Yes
Greenhouse Grow?Yes
Medical UsesDepression, Stress Relief
Indica and Sativa StrainsYes
Flowering TimeMedium
THC ContentHigh
Noted EffectsEnergizing Marijuana
GeneticsSnow White (Cat Piss x Jack Herer) x Cat Piss

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