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Dr Underground - Painkiller

Dr Underground - Painkiller cannabis seed
Seeds from Dr Underground
Sensi StarWhite Russian
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We are talking about a hybrid created exclusively for medical use. Designed from the demands of various medicinal growers, Painkiller is one of the earliest known plants tested with different diseases such as cancer, glaucoma and chronic muscle pain. The results were very ENCOURAGING, since not only produces a significant reduction of the adverse effects of radio and chemotherapy.

Providing a substantial increase in appetite, reducing the nausea and malaise, and a dream to provide clean, clear and cool. The next day you wake up with your head in perfect condition. Again, it is a plant of strong sedative and tranquilizing effect. It is also highly recommended for muscle aches and to get a rest.

Be careful with some phenotypes by high levels of CBD, which could give a drug too. To create this natural medicine, we used a Sensi Star (Paradise Seeds) for selected years ago by his great qualities for menstrual pains. And we hybridizes with a White Russian (Serious Seeds) production of extra large and devastating effect, which will induce a state of hunger and sleep, whose result is sublime.

Painkiller is a plant of medium size, wide, dark leaves on his inheritance indicates columnar structure with an outstanding production. In hydroponic or aerop?nico the results are devastating, getting plants that are all buds from the lower parts. Resin production is uncommon. Just try it Its aroma is growing in a mixture of soil, lime and beer yeast. The buds are dry, earthy hues more afghano, retaining its flavor intact.

A delight for the palate. Attentive to the phenotype among us known as Lemon Juice.

Flowering Time: 7 - 8 weeks
Yield Indoor: 450 gr - 600 gr
Yield Outdoor: 600 to 800 g per plant

Indoor Grow?Yes
Outdoor Grow?Yes
Medical Use?Yes
Medical Usesincrease appetite, reduce nausea and malaise,
Indica StrainsYes
Sativa StrainsYes
Flowering TimeMedium
Yield NotesYield Indoor: 450 gr - 600 gr ; Yield Outdoor: 600 to 800 g per plant
THC ContentHigh
GeneticsSensi Star X White Russian

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